This uptown cafe is a morning hotspot for homemade sweet breads and specialty coffees. Bread Winners, a neighborhood cafe, is set among the high-rise apartment communities of the McKinney Avenue area. It is a blend of upscale and comfort. The cafe, a local regular, is always bustling with people. The homemade breads are deliciously moist and soft – grab a few loaves to take home. Dishes are French themed blended with American ingredients and flavors. Enjoy weekday specials, their grand weekend brunch or both.  The reviews are always good for Breadwinners as one girl even commented “Yummy Yummy to my tummy.”


Breadwinners has 4 locations including Uptown, Plano, Inwood Village and ‘Quarter Bar’ located in Uptown also.


What’s just as good? Quarter Bar. Located conveniently next door to Breadwinners uptown. It is definitely one of my favorite bars in uptown. There are two stories which makes plenty of room to walk around, multiple patios, juke boxes to pick your own music. It’s always a good time. It does get crowded on the weekends, but never overboard where you can’t walk. I have never had to wait in a line to get in -which is awesome.  They even have nightly specials – MON – 1/2 priced Pizza & $1 PBR, TUES – $2 select Drafts & $2 Frozens, WED – 1/2 priced Bar food til 10pm, THUR – $2 Wells & $2 Domestics til 10pm, SAT – $4 select Drafts noon til 6pm!

If you are looking for good eats, I would recommend Breadwinners and if you’re looking for a hot spot in Dallas try out Quarter Bar! You won’t be let down!