lotusThe practice, started hundreds of years ago in Japan as part of the geisha culture, has rapidly spread around the world. A little background of the events:

What is naked sushi? What is Nyataimori? What is Nyotaimori? Or how do I ask for a “Naked Sushi” bar?
Nyataimori is the much fabled “naked sushi” of Japanese origin. It’s extremely difficult to find sushi restaurants that serve this openly.

The reason for the difficultly in finding places that serve it (at least in America) is how the sushi is served, namely that it’s on a naked body. This is normally a reasonably young and attractive woman and it has many feminists angry (perhaps rightly so if they don’t see any value in a cultures traditions or art).

The rough translation of the word nyataimori is “Adorned body of a woman.”

This type of art (yes, it’s an art) is well accepted in Japan. Tokyo is world famous for this type of dinner theater and art practice.

Rumors of locations in Berlin, London, San Francisco, Dallas, New York and Paris are perhaps true.

Welcome Naked Sushi #3 to Lotus Dallas\

Thursday, July 30th


2900 McKinney Avenue