The Dallas Generals Basketball Organization is proud to announce that we are now accepting applicants for our 2009-2010 Leadership Program & Internship. The program has been established to foster the academic, business, cultural, civic, intellectual, and social development of our next leaders. We will charge our interns to become emissaries of merit and virtue. Our expectations are high, and the measuring rod of achievement and value has been set even higher because of our commitment to dedication, discipline, excellence, integrity, and respect.

The Dallas Generals Leadership Program & Internship will provide priceless experience, enormous exposure, and invaluable on-the-job training. Interns will be afforded the privilege to participate in executive luncheons and networking opportunities with area business owners and top-level executives. Interns will also be given a challenging amount of responsibility in the areas of project development and management.

Interns will be placed in the following executive departments of the Dallas Generals Basketball Organization, based on their declared major of study: Marketing, Sales, Promotions, Broadcasting, Community Affairs, Corporate Communications, Public Relations, Media Management, Entertainment, and Special Events.

The Dallas Generals Leadership Program & Internship will begin August 14, 2009 and end April 10, 2010. After successfully completing the program, each intern will receive a scholarship between the amounts of $2,500 and $5,000. During the program, the interns will also receive incentives, bonuses, and perks for outstanding completion of assignments, challenges, and tasks.

In order to remain eligible for the scholarship, all interns must participate in, but not limited to, leadership seminars, team-building workshops, community service projects, and must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5 [on a 4-point grading scale].

As an intern in the Dallas Generals Leadership Program & Internship, you will also become a Campus Ambassador at your college/university.

TO APPLY: Applicant must first contact the Dallas Generals Selection Committee via email at [info@dallasgenerals.com], expressing interest in the program. Upon receipt of initial contact, the selection committee will send the applicant an application package. The applicant will be required to complete the application, provide a resume, provide (4) references, submit an official transcript, write a 500 word essay [topic will be included in package], must be currently enrolled/accepted in a 4-year college/university in the Dallas area, and have a minimum GPA of 2.5 [on a 4-point grading scale]. If Fall 2009 will be your Freshman year in college, we will accept your high school GPA. Undergraduate and Graduate students are encouraged to apply. The application deadline is July 31, 2009.

THE INTERVIEWS: After the selection committee has evaluated the applications, eligible applicants will be contacted for the interview process. Each applicant will have (2) interviews. The first one will be with the entire executive staff of the Dallas Generals Basketball Organization. The last one will be with the Vice President in the applicant’s department of concern, the General Manager and the Chief Executive Officer. The interview process will be from August 3, 2009 – August 7, 2009.

THE SELECTION: Following the interview process, the selection committee will choose the finalists, and make the announcements on August 10, 2009.

NOTE: During the application process, prior to the selection of the finalists, you are welcomed to participate as a volunteer with the Dallas Generals Basketball Organization.

We are seeking applicants in the following areas of study: Business Management, Business Administration, Sports Management, Public Relations, Mass Communications, Broadcasting, Marketing, Finance, Economics, Community Relations, Public Affairs, Merchandising, Accounting, Advertising, Journalism, Applied Arts and Sciences, Strategic Planning, Hospitality Management, Interdisciplinary Studies, Etc.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact the Selection Committee via email at [info@dallasgenerals.com]